Gatherings in Australia

Gatherings Current

In following the guidance of the Elders, the first Spiritual Unity of the Tribes Gathering was held in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1989. There has been at least one gathering each year since this time in Canada, USA and Siberia with representatives from many nations attending. The first Australian Spiritual Unity of the Tribes gathering was held at Daylesford, Victoria, Australia during Easter 1999, the second at Hatfield, NSW in November 1999 and the third at Lake Mungo, Easter 2000.The fourth gathering was held at Menindee Mission, NSW in September 2000. The fifth at Weldborough, Tasmania, January 2001 and the sixth at Wood Wood, Victoria, Easter 2002. the seventh was at Daylesford, Victoria, March 2005, the eighth at Menindee, NSW Nov.2005 the 9th at the Coorong March 2006, 10 th Coorong March 2007, 11 th Kangaroo Island, S.A. Sept.2007, 12th Dja Willam, Daylesford, Vic. 2010.

These gatherings are living demonstrations of the ancient values of truth, peace, non-violence and love and have nurtured deep international connections. Free of politics, religion, drug and alcohol these gatherings reflect the principles of Spiritual Unity of the Tribes. They offer a space for ceremony and other spiritual practices to be conducted in a sacred manner.