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Spiritual Unity of the Tribes

18th Australian Gathering

Halls Gap, Gariwerd, Victoria

‘Honouring Bunjil'

4th - 7th May 2016

come earlier Tuesday is camp day stay longer Sunday is Mother's day

Bunjil is the creator recognised by the tribes of Victoria,

some clans call him by another name from their language, but to the

Gariwerd clans he is Bunjil – depicted in an ancient cave painting at Gariwerd

And known to shape shift to the wedge tail eagle.

With the blessing of all clans of the area, Spiritual Unity of the Tribes will host the gathering for four days. The gathering ceremony will commence sunrise on Wednesday 4th May with a fire lighting ceremony. The Gathering will conclude with a closing ceremony on Saturday afternoon and a celebration meal Saturday night.


In keeping with the spirit of the gatherings everyone is welcome at no formal charge, so no one is excluded by lack of money, however gatherings do cost so all donations are gratefully accepted. SUT is a registered not-for-profit organization. You will be asked to honour a treaty between yourself, SUT and the Elders regarding conduct while on the land. Accommodation at Lakeside Park has the normal park fees and must be booked – basic camping to luxury cabins is available – book early.

A group of volunteers from the gathering will prepare one meal each day for all with food donated by all attending and the elders will be fully catered for by the same sources. Please bring a food donation for the kitchen. Camping is available on the land and day visitors are welcome.

A sacred fire will be maintained for the duration of the gathering under the guidance of traditional fire keepers, and there will be opportunity for everyone to take turns at tending the fire, the centre of the gathering. Workshops will also be held on a variety of related topics; some discussion, some culture and art.

Please consider bringing and supporting an elder or grandmother, and or a young person from any family or nation. This gathering depends on your support, both in attendance and participation. The gathering is not for spectators. Help us share the essence of living as told by the grandmothers.


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History: Everyone is aware of changes that are occurring all over the planet. Changes in technology, changes in language, changes in weather, changes in diseases, changes in lifestyle: medicine people all over the world have been aware of the need for changes in the attitude of the people. In 1989, in response to a vision given to a Pasqua grandmother Grandmother Ironeagle, three medicine men put in place a mechanism to help address this problem. Jim Walton, Ben Rhodd and Harvey Ironeagle (all respected medicine men) planned Spiritual Unity of the Tribes, a series of gatherings designed to bring people of all faiths and races together. Over four days and around a sacred fire these gatherings of people were addressed by the elders, by people with vision, by healers and by mothers. No politics were mentioned; just prayers, healings and a sharing of medicine to heal the people.

Spiritual Unity of the Tribes (SUT) has been brought to Australia at the request of Medicine People overseas, to help spread the healing that the world so desperately needs. If offers a safe community camp of people sharing a common belief – an acknowledgement of a higher power and intent and belief that through prayer change and healing can occur. All people are welcome, in particular youth and children as an acknowledgment of their role in the future, to share this camp and sacred fire. SUT is sponsoring several elders to attend and share their wisdom around the fire.


LOCATION: Halls Gap or Gariwerd is the traditional name, 2 .5 hours West of Melbourne just a few kilometres South of Brambuk. Lakeside Tourist Park 03 5356 4281 for accommodation - cabins or camping. Sacred Fire which is the heart of the Gathering is on crown land adjacent to Lakeside Park. Please book early at park Please note there is no bush camping – however day visitors are welcome.

Maybe you could organize a bus from Melb – we will let others know.


ACCOMMODATION - if you want a cabin book ASAP

Book into the Lakeside Park for basic camping, powered sites also available, cabins and luxury cabins too. For safety reasons parking next to tents will not be possible, camper/van parking will be allocated away from the tent area. Caravans will be permitted in the van area. Halls Gap has a gaggle of accommodation houses, and other caravan parks for those wishing to camp off-site – but help us fill up Lakeside first.


One meal per day will be collectively prepared and offered to the entire Gathering. Donations of food to the kitchen are necessary. We are also seeking volunteers for meal preparation. If you are part of a group and wish to volunteer for an entire meal preparation and/or an individual who wishes to help, and for all food donations and offers of meal preparation, please contact:

If you are attending the gathering please email with the numbers of your party , to assist us with planning and logistics.

Bring your own cutlery, plates, cups, and bowls for meals. Please bring reusable items, not disposables (for the environment's sake).

There will be water on site and it would be helpful if everyone could bring additional drinking water for your own needs.

Your own folding chairs - chairs to lend to Elders (with your name clearly marked), sunscreen, umbrellas, torches, and solid soled footwear. Groundsheets would be useful. Nights will be cold.


No alcohol, No marijuana, No illegal drugs, No chroming,

No pets. No tape recorders, No CD players/radios. No firearms.

No proselytizing (preaching or promoting other business' or causes). No politics.

Photographs can only be taken in the general camp area and at the fire ‘after' the closing ceremony.

Mobiles phones to be switched off and only used for outgoing calls in camp if absolutely necessary.

All ceremonies will be under the guidance of the Gathering Council.

This is a spiritual cultural gathering not a music festival.


DO NOT COME TO THIS GATHERING it is not for you.

  Camping/Cabins can begin Tuesday 3rd May or earlier so that we can all get settled in and complete necessary tasks prior to the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony will be at sunrise Wednesday 4th of May . And the closing of the fire will happen on Saturday afternoon, 7 th May followed by a celebration evening. Participants are encouraged to stay over till Sunday to assist clean up and farewell.

Your help will be necessary to make the running of this gathering a success. Work needed will include meal preparation, clean up, security, assisting the Elders, and fire tending. Please sign up for tasks upon arrival.

The Elders have indicated that they should speak, sharing their wisdom and knowledge with us. We would like to assist as many Elders as possible with their transportation and accommodation expenses . If you are able to help with the ‘Sponsor an Elder Program' please contact John:

Volunteers for children's activities are needed. Please for this task you are required to hold a current Working with Children Card.

SUT gatherings have no formal charge so that no one is excluded by lack of money, however, they do cost, so if you can give a donation to help with the costs , please send to: Spiritual Unity of the Tribes, PO Box 395 Daylesford, Vic 3460 . For further information, contact: John Palmer (Abundance Keeper)


Membership of Spiritual Unity of the Tribes Inc Assoc. is available at $33 per person per annum - if you are not a member you can assist us by joining.

Contact the Treasurer John Palmer,

email: Memberships are tax deductible.

A small art /craft market will occur at lunchtime near the kitchen where persons attending are welcome to offer their wares for sale to assist with their own travelling costs – please let SUT know if you are interested so we can allocate space.


1st gathering at Dja Willam, Daylesford 1999

The Vision of S.U.T.

To bring to the people medicine through ceremony to preserve and in some cases re-teach elements of the old ways of living. To enable the vision of Black Elk which was for the reunification of all peoples, all colours, all religions, all classes. To work towards the sacred unity of all.

Black Elk Lakota Holy Man

Black Elk's Final Prayer

This prayer embodies the message of S.U.T.

With tears running, O Great Spirit, Great Spirit my Grandfather-with running tears I must say now that the tree has never bloomed. A pitiful old man, you see me here, and I have fallen away and have done nothing. Here at the center of the world, when you took me when I was young and taught me; here, old, I stand, and the tree is withered, Grandfather, my Grandfather. Again, and maybe the last time on this earth, I recall the great vision you sent me. It may be that some little root of the sacred tree still lives. Nourish it then, that it may leaf and bloom and fill with singing birds. Hear me, not for myself, but for my people.

I am old. Hear me that they may once more go back into the sacred hoop and find the good red road, the shielding tree.

from Black Elk Speaks by John Niehardt






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