Black Elk

Gathering News

Thank-you to all that attended the last gathering at Gariwerd in April 2017.
Watch this space for future gathering news.
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Black Elk

Lore & Protocol

In order that we might all have a positive experience, please observe the following guidelines during your stay with us.
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Black Elk

The Vision

To bring to the people medicine through ceremony to preserve and in some cases re-teach elements of the old ways of living. To enable the vision of Black Elk...
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Creating this gathering with your support

Your help is important and can make a diference.
In keeping with the spirit of the gatherings everyone is welcome at no formal charge, so no one is excluded by lack of money, however gatherings do cost so all donations are gratefully accepted.
SUT is a registered not-for-profit organization.

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Bunjil is the creator recognised by numerous tribes in Victoria – depicted in an ancient cave painting at Burrunj, the Black Range near Gariwerd. Bunjil also provides the people with law and customs, and takes the form of the wedge tail eagle.


Honouring the Water

Could everyone please bring a small amount of water from their local area, a creek, river, dam. We will mix these together for a special ‘Honouring the Water Ceremony.’ Everyone is welcome around the sacred fire. Families with children are encouraged to attend.